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Idea: Capital of Germany, founded in the middle of the 13th century. Through its cultural and historical heritage, Berlin is one of Europe’s most famous and visited metropolises. Institutions such as universities, research centres, theatres, museums but also festivals, nightlife and architecture in Berlin have a worldwide reputation. • “B, e, l” Black, red, yellow = the colours of the German flag • “e” red = the charming slightly rough parts of the city • “e” red = the charming slightly rough parts of the city • “r, n” purple, magenta = culture, art and creativity in the city • “in” green = the beautiful parks in the city like Tempelhofer Park.

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Paper: Quality makes a difference. All our posters are printed on MultiArt silk 200 grams, which is a wood-free, environmentally certified paper with a matt surface finish of the highest quality.
Delivery time: approx. 2-5 days in Sweden, and the Nordic countries and within a week in Europe. We do not keep stock but push up to order, all for a more sustainable and environmentally smart life! ☀️

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MultiArt silk 200 gram