About Typografiskt

Hi, my name is Ulf Holmqvist and I live in Malmö. I have worked at advertising agencies in Malmö and my entire professional life, the last 35 years as Art Director. In the profession, you are responsible for the creative idea in advertising, with images and design as a speciality. You make sketches, direct photographs, order illustrations and monitor the production until the finished result.

For about 20 years I have run Idéfolket a network agency in Malmö. In recent years, my profession, like so many others, has changed through the digital age … I was no longer given space to work with layout, typography and color in the same way as before.

I really love working with the combination of shape, color, and typography, so in my spare time, I made various posters in places I visited + birth posters for new parents and posters in memory of a holiday such as a student, marriage, or for someones birthday.

This became the idea and basis for the webshop TYPOGRAFISKT


I “paint” and visualize, for example, Malmö with typography and colors that I think are typical of the city.

Malmö, Malmö poster

For each place, there is a description of my ideas on the website:

Idea: In the middle of the 12th century, the city on the coast was laid out to the Sound. Sweden’s third-largest and sixth largest in the Nordic region. Usually called “Sweden’s Berlin” = Rough, culture and creativity characterize Malmö… but unfortunately also quite a high crime rate… • “M” light blue = MFF gold team! + the strait, the beach “Ribban” and the harbour • “a, l” = Creativity, art, culture, diversity, entrepreneurship • “island” green = usually called “the city of parks”.

+ that in the bottom right corner of all posters you get a little training in typography.


This is how the delivery comes to you

Leverans tub + etikett

The poster comes in a tube so that it can handle the delivery in a wrinkle-free way. You will probably have to pick up the tube at the nearest postal agent if you do not have a large mailbox or mailbox.
Leverans tub + etikett

The poster has a label with the logo and copyright text on the back to let you know that it is a genuine original! from TYPOGRAFISKT 😉