A b-aby is born

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Idea: A b-bis is created … or more typographically, this is how a b is created, it is small caps in the beginning and then grows into a capital letter. 😉 If you want a text line at the bottom with the name and date of birth for yourself or to give away, send an email to me: ulf@typografiskt.se then you get a text proofreading before printing.

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Paper: Quality makes a difference. All our posters are printed on MultiArt silk 200 grams, which is a wood-free, environmentally certified paper with a matt surface finish of the highest quality.
Delivery time: approx. 2-5 days in Sweden, and the Nordic countries and within a week in Europe. We do not keep stock but push up to order, all for a more sustainable and environmentally smart life!☀️

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A3, A4


Color, Greyscale

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MultiArt silk 200gr